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Say GOOD-BYE to Credit Card Processing Fees!

It's time to stop paying for merchant processing! When you switch to GiveHub merchant processing for your businesses, your bottom line will instantly improve. That's because more and more merchants are taking advantage of "Consumer Pay". Why pay fees? Our merchants utilize our terminals to have your consumers pay your cc processing fees!  You swipe for $100.00 and $100 goes into your bank account the very next day! No month end fees! (You can always waive the consumer pay option by simply pressing a button for sales you'd like to waive it on).


Our low processing fees just one reason to choose GiveHub

At GiveHub, we believe businesses owners should get even more than just ZERO processing rates for your hard-earned money. That's why we GIVE you FREE point-of-sale hardware just for trying us out! Pair that with our industry-leading world-class customer service, and you'll be happy you made the switch to GiveHub.

Switching to GiveHub is easy because we do all the work for you. To get started, just take a moment to complete the form on this page. When you do, you'll be instantly approved for a FREE POS terminal.


"I am so glad to have discovered GiveHub merchant processing. My last processor just changed their rate structure and, because of that my fees went through the roof!! That came right off my bottom line. GiveHub helped me get it back AND THEN SOME! THANK YOU!."

Get a FREE POS Terminal When You Try GiveHub Merchant Processing

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—Craig M. 

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